29 December 2015

2015 Book List

Here it is!
A good (but not great) year of reading.  The biggest success of the year was getting my Overdrive app set up on my iPhone so I can check out audiobooks from our public library and listen to them while I'm running, working out or in the car.  That made the training runs for my Dam to Dam Half-marathon much better.  I'll always associate Argo with running the Bill Riley Trail.
Sylvia & I read eight of the same books this year and we enjoyed talking them over and comparing our reactions.  (Best: The Circle and The Martian.  Worst: Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk)
We also had a few great family read aloud this year. The Secret Garden was totally magical and we were enraptured by it. Tuck Everlasting had us guessing what would happen next, who was good, who was bad and the ending led to some fun discussion.

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