12 October 2015

At the Drive-In

Back in June the family and I took a trip over to Newton and experienced the last drive-in in Iowa. I'd never been to one before (and always wished I could have when we drove by the old drive-in lot outside of Shenandoah.)
Despite the rain beforehand (and a little during) we had a ball. We made friends with the family beside us. And we were the only car in the place that did not bring chairs to sit outside in. And everyone else brought like tailgating food or potluck or pizzas. We had stopped at KFC on the way through town. :(
The movie was "Home" and it was only ok. But the experience was great.

1 comment:

  1. A lot of fun--Iowa style.. lawn chairs at a drive in? That is a new one. A fun night in the summer