03 August 2015

Garage Sales!

I haven't gone to many garage sales since the days living in Shenandoah when I went with my mom, but last week I hit three garage sales in three days!  One was a moving sale in the neighborhood, one was only a block from our house and one was our friend's.
I picked up an old radio, perfect for the workbench, a garden weasel (like we had growing up except this one works), a small pitchfork, a docking station speaker, an assortment of great kids books, a pair of ~$200 boots in my size, Isa picked up a few toys and much fun was had. And some seriously great deals!  One man's trash=another man's treasure.
Oh, and you can see the fantastic squirrel target in a frame.  I can't decide whether to hang that or use the target and put the frame to use elsewhere. 


  1. Love the radio... but really love the little broom/brush.. on the bench!! You couldn't pay me to buy another weasel.. ours was terrible! Keep the squirrel target...maybe HMN game material :)

  2. Nice trolling w/the weasel bit.

  3. We had a pitch fork like that, which people called a "potato fork" also. We found it quite useful for turning the compost pile, and sundry other gardening duties. I also love a good garage sale, and the kid's books are on of the great finds, although I wonder about people who get rid of books, quality books particularly.