12 May 2015

Book Character Day

Here's a snippet from Isa's school blog where she shares her selection for last week's Book Character Day...

11 May 2015

First Communion

I have been doing an abysmal job of blogging my family's events but I would be very remiss if I let Isa's First Communion go by without a mention. 
Sylvia did a fantastic job of getting her ready, finding the dress, trying out hair styles and Isa was able to wear the shoes and hair piece from our wedding.  It was extra special to have the big event on the one year anniversary of our wedding.  Family came from both sides and we had a delicious spread of food.  Lengua & cochinita pibil tacos, rice, fresh guacamole & salsas, and of course a lovely white cake.  Isa was very excited for the sacrament and did a fine job.
Yesterday was the first time she went up for communion as part of the parish and when she realize it she got excited all over again and had to tap on my arm to share the good news.