25 March 2015

Spring Break Project: Flag Spotlight

 I like to do a small project around the house over spring break (last year I replaced a motion-activating outdoor light with the help of a friend) and this year, the idea for it came to me during a wonderful concert I was enjoying.
minovia had gotten us three tickets to a fantastic free concert by the Jazz Ambassodors, a branch of the US Army Field Band.  We were in the sixth row at the Civic Center and it was a fantastic show.  They played jazz standards from different periods and, while I am no jazz expert, I totally loved it.  "In the Mood" by Glenn Miller Band and "Feelin' Good" were a couple faves.  They finished with some patriotic numbers, including a medley of the music for each of the branches of the Armed Forces and asking anyone in the audience who was in that branch or had family members in that branch to stand up.  It was a very moving and cool tribute.  A superb show for sure and during it I thought that, since I do not bring my flag inside at night, I would put in a outdoor spotlight that would come on at dusk and spotlight it.  I didn't really do any research online but just headed to Home Depot on morning during break and they had a helpful brochure in the outdoor lighting area and I picked up what I needed with no problem.  It was a bit more than I was expecting due to having to purchase and 'power pack' which is what you plug into the outdoor outlet and it transforms the high voltage into a low-voltage for the lights and it also has the timer and light sensor. I went with LED, which was a little more expensive also.  I could've got with a solar light but I wanted something that was strong and bright. 
The install couldn't have been easier. I was done in under an hour and then waited for the sun to go down.
I was very happy with the results.  I can't wait for the first time I come home at night and see the flag lit up.  Here's to the red, white and blue!

[sidenote: I also installed an endcap on the tile at the top of the stairs to the basement, replaced a floor register in the kitchen and made a flagpole and attached my Ireland flag to display it for St. Patrick's Day.]

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  1. Excellent. Looking very American at your home.