12 February 2015

Picture Perfect Tostada

I was sitting in a meeting tonight and received this text from my wife. She had made chicken tostadas and they smelled fantastic but I had to leave before they were ready so she sent me a picture of the finished product. 

Pretty fantastic, huh? 
Unfortunate, that text was closely followed by this one. 

I'm sure it still tasted good. 


  1. Refried beans, chicken, avacado...then I took my first bite. Im glad you didn't include the text that followed. 😁

  2. That looked delicious.. before and after.. :)

  3. We've all been there... Better than the floor, and absolutely, the taste still looks phenom.

  4. Yes, this perfectly sums my thoughts on tostadas:

    At grocery: "hey, tostada shells, sweet!"
    At stove: "this is gonna be delicious!"
    At table: *chomp* -CRACK! (and/or the toppings smear on my face) "okay time to smash 2 of these together sandwich-style"