12 February 2015

Picture Perfect Tostada

I was sitting in a meeting tonight and received this text from my wife. She had made chicken tostadas and they smelled fantastic but I had to leave before they were ready so she sent me a picture of the finished product. 

Pretty fantastic, huh? 
Unfortunate, that text was closely followed by this one. 

I'm sure it still tasted good. 

04 February 2015

Kitchen Sink job

When you get 10 inches of snow in one day there's not much point trying to leave the house. Luckily I had thought ahead the previous day and picked up a tube of silicone caulk. That allowed me to spend some time on Sunday removing the old grout around our kitchen sink (a messy job) and then applying new. I got a couple good tips off the Internet, namely to use painters tape to keep a nice clean edge. I was quite happy with the finished work. A simple small and inexpensive project but one that has brightened the kitchen and it was easy to fit in to snowy, home bound day.