26 December 2014

Backyard Bird List 2014

This was our first full calendar year in our place and it was a great year of birds at our feeders, in our trees and around our home.  
In 2013 I marked down 43 species and my goal was to top that this year. Things really slow down after the mid-point of the year.  In 2013 only two birds were added after July 1 and this year I only found three after that date. But I did make my goal, identifying 45 species. 
Some species that I spotted in 2013 I was unable to check off this year: Bluebird, Golden-crowned kinglet, rose-breasted grosbeak, pine siskin, yellow-rumped warbler, indigo bunting, great blue heron, red-eyed vireo.
So, obviously, I added some new names to the list to make up the difference.  Bald eagle, tufted titmouse, herring gull, mallard duck, tennessee warbler, nashville warbler, swainson's thrush, golden-winged warbler, hairy woodpecker.
Total on the overall house list is now 52. Can't wait to start on 2015!!

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  1. Incredible number for the middle of DM.. Great Blue Heron?..... so envious. :)