06 November 2014

Best BBQ in Town

Funny moment that needs to be shared...
I was getting ready to start a training session, making small talk with some attendees, talking about where they went to lunch.  They had gone to a BBQ place, which I've had and is good, but I had to share my favorite spot so I say, "Man, have you been to Woody's Smoke Shack?  That's the best BBQ in town, in my opinion.  I love that place."  They reply that they had not been there, so I shared where it is and as I'm finishing, another attendee, who had not been part of the conversation so far pipes in with, "If you like BBQ, you know what's great?...Hardee's."  I try but can not stifle my surprised laugh. "Yeah, they have this Texas BBQ Thickburger that is fantastic. Pulled pork on top of a burger." Not sure what to do, I just say that it does sound tasty and will have to try it sometime.  ...But I'm not planning it.

1 comment:

  1. Hardee's!? I thought they went out of business? That's hilarious. Bet they like Taco Bell for their great tacos too.