03 October 2014

"Dean's List" from Fr. Neenan

I saw a mention of this by Fr. James Martin and followed it to this nice article about a long-time Boston College administrator and Jesuit priest, Fr. Neenan.  It seems he had been sharing a "Dean's List" of books each year for the past twenty-some years.  27 books and you hold your spot until something he liked better came along, is how I understand it. This site has a list of all the 168 books that have appeared at some point over the years. 
What is it about a book list that is so intriguing?


  1. My guess is the intrigue occurs because a person is sharing their best "friends" (book favs) with others….a friend you yourself may enjoy.

  2. Quite an interesting idea, and a useful list. I'd like to see it organized by lonegevity. It appears that some titles have remained on the list the entire time, some are one and done. I'm currently listening to Mrs. Dalloway (Virginia Woolf) and it's growing on me. Certainly some very fine titles here that would be on my list, and some new ideas as well. Thanks for pointing this out.