09 August 2014

Family Photo Challenge

Several months ago I had an idea to try a family photo challenge. Isa has always shown an interest in photography so I thought giving her a topic or prompt might be helpful since 99% percent of her pictures consist of her toys or our backyard. A photo challenge would help her (and possibly others) learn about framing pictures, the rule of thirds, zooming in and out, lighting, angles, perception, creativity etc…

Okay, here are the rules:
Each week (or so) a photo prompt will be assigned and communicated by email & text. I’ll try to make the prompts wide ranging so no one has an advantage. You then have a week to find an image that you feel embodies the prompt.  You can use your phone, your camera, whatever works.  Email that picture to middleson.  Only one picture can be submitted per person and the picture must be taken during the week of the photo challenge. Looking in the your archives for old amazing pictures is not allowed. (Sorry Jake.) 
He will gather the pictures and share them on his blog (and will text you a notification when he does).  If people want we can also vote on our favorites.

Photo Prompt #1: Water
Enjoy your photo hunt and send us your pix by next Sunday.  Good Luck!
If people have ideas for prompts, let me know!


  1. Sounds like great fun... what a blast this will be...off to find some water!

  2. I've been out of touch while trying to get acclimated to China, but I'd love to join the challenge. Will you post your challenge on your blog, or send emails or? I loved the water challenge, and everyone's entry.