09 August 2014

Clever Cliches

On a recent trip to Kansas City we made a stop at the Federal Reserve Bank.  We watched thousands of dollars be processed, learned about the economy and enjoyed some interactive displays. middleson served as our tour guide since he used to teach economics. Before leaving we received a souvenir bag of shredded currency and a money museum fun guide.  The fun guide had puzzles and games to test your money knowledge.  One of the games gave you the first half of a common money cliche and you had to fill in the ending.  Here are Isa’s attempts...  They’re too good not to share.

1.     Money doesn’t grow ….it blows
2.     Put your money where… you know.
3.     Money burns a hole…lot.
4.     A fool and his money …make a robber.
5.     Money is the root …to paradise.
6.     There are some things that ….make money.
7.     Money makes the world…happy.
8.     Money can’t buy …a creek.
9.     A penny for…you.


  1. You have got to save those... so great... I love number 4! :)
    But mostly.... number 7..." Money makes the world... happy"

  2. It was fantastic when she was saying these. Just right off the top of her head.