20 June 2014

Speedy DIY: TV center

As we were watching the Netherlands vs. Spain World Cup match, an impulsive idea popped into my head. Our "media center" is a custom-built shelf space that was constructed for the old tube-style square-shaped TV's.  Sylvia's TV didn't fit into it so it went into the basement and my TV just had enough room to slip in.  We have gathered ideas and talked to a contractor about rebuilding that whole space and making it into something useful and better-looking.  But after a year of watching the little TV and having a bigger one collect dust in the basement, I finally cracked.  I said, "At half-time, I'm going to switch out the TV's and cut out a piece of that wall so the bigger one fits."  So, at the whistle, I was in motion.  Old TV pulled out, new TV brought up, circular saw plugged in.  Problem 1: my circular saw isn't working right. I noticed this the last time I used it.  It doesn't seem to have enough power and the blade binds up all the time.  This caused the plan to go slower than I'd anticipated.  And it also forced me to physical break out the piece after I'd made the top and bottom cuts.  Problem 2: I had not planned on having to "Autoprogram channels" once the new TV was hooked up. That process took like 20 minutes.  So I missed most of the second half.  
The good news was three-fold:  
1- Netherlands went on a goal-scoring romp in the second-half and crushed the defending champions.  
2- Once the hole was filled with the new TV, you couldn't really even see the gruesome hack job behind it. 
3- We are watching A LOT of World Cup and are loving the bigger TV.

All the more incentive to get moving on the real makeover project!

Wedding Crashers

After I tweeted a little love to Field Notes, including a picture from the wedding of my brothers and I with their notebooks, I was surprised to get a reply tweet.  "@jacobwelchans @caboose22 @EronWelchans can you drop us a line at wholesale @ fieldnotesbrand dot com?" 
So I did and we had a little back and forth email exchange, sent them some more pictures and just like that, we are on their website!  Check it out here!

(If you haven't already, check out their films.  The Shelterwood one is amazing.  And I have a soft sport for "From Seed.")

15 June 2014

13 June 2014

And We Are Off!!

A cracking 3-1 win for Brazil kicked off all the World Cup festivities yesterday and (despite a couple questionable referee decisions) it was a triumphant debut for the hosts.  A great lineup of games is in order for the weekend so I had better stock up on provisions.
Here is the family bracket predictor which shows who each person chose for their champion.  Lots of variety and all solid guesses.