14 May 2014


minovia showed amazing determination to finish this 750 piece puzzle last month.  I threw in the towel after all the birds were put together.  From there on in it was a shades of green and not something I wanted to do.  She wouldn't give up though and pushed on until it was done. 
For some reason, I then thought it would be a good idea to get a 1000 piece puzzle.  I thought it looked a little easier with more variety in color.  It's been on our table for close to a month now so I'm not sure that is turning out to be true.


  1. Great job on the birds Sylvia... 1000 piece? Jake you are killing her! :)

  2. 500 was always my strict limit. It begins to feel like a punishment with any more.

  3. i probably wont do another puzzle for at least 10 years! for the record-i did finish the 1000 piece puzzle.