01 April 2014

World Cup Kit Collection

The U.S. released pictures of their away uniforms for this summer's World Cup and the response has been pretty tepid.  I can't say I really enjoy it much either.  Oh well, it's better than some tops we've worn in the past although I was liking the direction we were going fashion-wise up to this point. 
Big picture though there is quite a bit of variety, different brands, traditional and not, tight and loose, some with lots of national character and some that are pretty sterile.  Check out the full lot of them here.
I tried not to be biased but two of my favorite uniforms are also two teams that I'll be pulling for, Netherlands and France.  I am totally tired of day-glo so I give Japan and Spain a thumbs down for their away tops.  And Germany's away top isn't much better with its fuschia pink stripes.  Mexico changed things up quite a bit and unfortunately it was not for the better.  Their old black away top was beast.  Home and away are both poor now.  Cameroon, Ghana and Ivory Coast are both pretty nice, I just don't really like that spandex-tight look that Puma does. 
I kinda dig the idea of Brazil getting a third kit since they are the home team but I'm not sure about the monochromatic olive green.  But then why does Belgium get a third kit?  And they'd be much better sticking with their first two kits, which are pretty nice, because that third kit is awful.
Anybody else counting the days?!?


  1. I don't like collars on the kits.. including the USAs. Like Argentina's home. Really like Hollands. Puma tight shirts are a no- go for me. Like Croatia's checkered. Mexico's home kit is great-love that green.


  2. NICE:
    brazil home good, except collar = bad. i like the 3rd.
    croatia home
    spain away (unless they pair w/home shorts)
    Iran esp away (Persian leopard held down by brick wall)
    Nigeria home
    USA away (mostly as improvement over rugby/sailor suits from before)
    Russia home

    New Design Team Needed:
    Puma kits= are those unitards? jersey+kilts? where are the bottoms?
    France home collar? looks like a tux?
    Honduras wins "U tried award" w/retro effort
    Germany. horrible. probably worst of the bunch. (this is my 2nd fav team)

    Holland home (Lion!)
    Japan home (Rising Sun!)
    Belguim away

  3. I have planned my workshops/trainings so that I am pretty free after mid-June. Every 4 years I give myself permission to watch as much as I want, and so far it hasn't gotten old. I hope there is a sports bar in southern India, as we have no TV!