21 April 2014

Starting Garden '14

I already wrote a whole post on this and then lost it so I'll keep this one short.  We got an early start, trying to beat the rain.  I had expanded my plot about five feet more lengthwise and had it tilled thoroghly.  I had scaled back from my plans to build a permanent box border around the whole thing and went with a more temporary and modular route and I think it will work just fine.  We set in the border and gave it a nice raking.  It is always nice to have an extra set of hands.

We also started our compost experiment this morning.  Isa took the wagon around and gathered up a load of "browns" (leaves, sticks and dead hosta leaves).  We started with a layer of sticks to help airiation, then we added a layer of browns.  Then we added our "greens" (veggie peelings, egg shells, etc).  We topped it off with a couple shovels full of soil to be the process going and then gave it a nice watering. Hopefully it will take off and we'll have some good compost in a couple months.  Any tips or advice would be more than welcome!  Oh, and I also forgot to add that our compost bin itself is a recycled hand-me-down from the Greenleafs!  Thanks guys!


  1. Excellent job... A friend of mine always had a compost pile in her backyard and she had the best flowers around. :) You two make a good team.

  2. One tip: red worms. There, I said it. They're machines for eating & making rich, luscious compost. Sorry they couldn't make the trip to D.M.

  3. Looks great. Isa needs some gloves, cute ones, but gloves. Gotta give your help the tools they need!

  4. Not sure who is more excited about the project, Jake or Isa? :)
    Can't wait to get the garden started.