28 April 2014

Mr & Mrs Mallard

As I was doing a little house cleaning yesterday during one of our many rain showers, I caught a little movement out by the bird feeders and looked up to see something pretty unexpected.  A male Mallard duck, waddling around the backyard, making his way over to Isa's playhouse before turning around, heading back to the stream and hopping in.  His mate was waiting for him there and they proceeded to paddle upstream, fighting the storm water runoff current. 
An exciting and fun addition to my house bird list!


  1. How cool is that! great that you got to see that bit of nature

  2. They must have been lost. You'll have to show Isa the pictures.

  3. We had ducks in our front yard most springs looking for a good place for a nest. Not sure why the side of the river doesn't qualify, but every species gets a little nuts when they are getting ready to hatch, I guess.