18 April 2014

Birdie after Hornets

And if soccer isn't your thing, check out this clip from the European golf tour.  This guy is playing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and gets attacked by a swarm of hornets.  After whirling his jacket around to get rid of them, and trying to run, he eventually jumped in a lake.  And then got out, put on a dry shirt but kept his wet pants and shoes on and nailed two nice shots to birdie the hole.  Composure & muscle memory.  Well done!


  1. Crazy! But he played so well after.

  2. 20 stings! and so composed during the attack he's still just strolling along... I would have deployed some serious limbo tricks, sprinting, maybe dropping to the ground

  3. to your comment on muscle memory

    exactly right! -- and if you actually read all the way to end you find out that it's completely flipped for amateurs