28 April 2014

Mr & Mrs Mallard

As I was doing a little house cleaning yesterday during one of our many rain showers, I caught a little movement out by the bird feeders and looked up to see something pretty unexpected.  A male Mallard duck, waddling around the backyard, making his way over to Isa's playhouse before turning around, heading back to the stream and hopping in.  His mate was waiting for him there and they proceeded to paddle upstream, fighting the storm water runoff current. 
An exciting and fun addition to my house bird list!

21 April 2014

Starting Garden '14

I already wrote a whole post on this and then lost it so I'll keep this one short.  We got an early start, trying to beat the rain.  I had expanded my plot about five feet more lengthwise and had it tilled thoroghly.  I had scaled back from my plans to build a permanent box border around the whole thing and went with a more temporary and modular route and I think it will work just fine.  We set in the border and gave it a nice raking.  It is always nice to have an extra set of hands.

We also started our compost experiment this morning.  Isa took the wagon around and gathered up a load of "browns" (leaves, sticks and dead hosta leaves).  We started with a layer of sticks to help airiation, then we added a layer of browns.  Then we added our "greens" (veggie peelings, egg shells, etc).  We topped it off with a couple shovels full of soil to be the process going and then gave it a nice watering. Hopefully it will take off and we'll have some good compost in a couple months.  Any tips or advice would be more than welcome!  Oh, and I also forgot to add that our compost bin itself is a recycled hand-me-down from the Greenleafs!  Thanks guys!

18 April 2014

Birdie after Hornets

And if soccer isn't your thing, check out this clip from the European golf tour.  This guy is playing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and gets attacked by a swarm of hornets.  After whirling his jacket around to get rid of them, and trying to run, he eventually jumped in a lake.  And then got out, put on a dry shirt but kept his wet pants and shoes on and nailed two nice shots to birdie the hole.  Composure & muscle memory.  Well done!

ESPNFC's All-time Top 20

In case you are itching for some world soccer reading & videos as we count down the days to Brazil, here are ESPNfc's All-time Top 20.  They've been counting down the players all week.  Nice write-ups on each with some links to vintage video clips.  So, get educated or reminisce a little and see if you agree with their rankings!

16 April 2014

Proposed Changes to Nutritional Data

More emphasis on total calories, clearer info on number of servings/serving size, adding "Added Sugar" info, and getting rid of calories from fat.  I think all those changes make sense.  The only part I wasn't sure about was moving the %DV from the right to the left margins.  I'm not convinced that really gains anything.  Anyways, I'll be eager to see these changes at the grocery store! 

10 April 2014

March Madness: Results

After four years of stoppable winning the pool, he is usurped by NTW! And NTW's faith in his Gators helped him out as they made a solid Final Four run.  By the time the Final Four teams had been set, no one had a chance of catching NTW.  He won easily with nearly 800 points and the rest of the pack was tightly bunched in the 500 range.

1. NTW        790
2. stoppable  590
3. middleson 550
4. minovia    530
5. homebase 510

Congrats to all!

Past years: 2013 (stoppable)2012 (stoppable), 2011 (stoppable), 2010 (stoppable), 2009 (homebase), 2008 (caboose), 2007 (middleson), 2006 (homebase), 2005 (middleson)

09 April 2014

Rooms Available

Two rooms: good location, clean, walking distance to food, fresh paint, new construction (be the first resident!), come & go as you please.  These accommodations will be in high demand soon.  Beat the rush and move in now!

01 April 2014

World Cup Kit Collection

The U.S. released pictures of their away uniforms for this summer's World Cup and the response has been pretty tepid.  I can't say I really enjoy it much either.  Oh well, it's better than some tops we've worn in the past although I was liking the direction we were going fashion-wise up to this point. 
Big picture though there is quite a bit of variety, different brands, traditional and not, tight and loose, some with lots of national character and some that are pretty sterile.  Check out the full lot of them here.
I tried not to be biased but two of my favorite uniforms are also two teams that I'll be pulling for, Netherlands and France.  I am totally tired of day-glo so I give Japan and Spain a thumbs down for their away tops.  And Germany's away top isn't much better with its fuschia pink stripes.  Mexico changed things up quite a bit and unfortunately it was not for the better.  Their old black away top was beast.  Home and away are both poor now.  Cameroon, Ghana and Ivory Coast are both pretty nice, I just don't really like that spandex-tight look that Puma does. 
I kinda dig the idea of Brazil getting a third kit since they are the home team but I'm not sure about the monochromatic olive green.  But then why does Belgium get a third kit?  And they'd be much better sticking with their first two kits, which are pretty nice, because that third kit is awful.
Anybody else counting the days?!?