19 March 2014

Spring Break...halfway over!

No big plans or trips this year for spring break but that doesn't mean it hasn't been fun.  minovia and I went over to Omaha for a shopping day, helping homebase get a wedding outfit and looking for accessories for our wedding party members.  We were treated to a fun pre-St. Patrick's celebration at stoppable's house to recharge our batteries.
I cooked up a (large) batch of corned beef, potatoes and cabbage myself on the actual St. Patrick's day and it has been great for dinner, sandwiches and breakfast.  minovia and I have filled our days will crossing things off the wedding to-do list and we are making some great progress.  It is exciting to see things all start to come together.  We mailed out invites last Friday and that was a big event, definitely had a momentous feel to it.  We watched some Champions League soccer yesterday as well, a fun mid-afternoon treat.
Yesterday morning I felt like a birding outing so I made a thermos of chai, grabbed a banana and a yogurt and headed out ~7:45.  I stopped at Walnut Woods and sat in their bird blind for a while, watching all the business their feeders were getting.  I saw my first brown-headed cowbird of the year and on the way out I saw some mergansers on the river so I stopped and walked over to get a better look.  As I was surveying the area, I saw that in the tree nearest to me, perched at the very top was a beauriful bald eagle!  Very cool to watch him keeping an eye on everything.
After that I went to Maffitt Reservoir and sat and enjoyed my breakfast while I watched the waterfowl.  I wasn't sure how much I would be able to see without a scope, but I was able to get some great looks at five life-listers! Canvasbacks, redheads, buffleheads, green-winged teals and lesser scaups.  Such cool ducks and color patterns like I've never seen before!
That is in addition to trumpeter swans and several first of the year bluebirds!
A great morning.  Calm, quiet, unhurried.  Listening to and appreciating nature.


  1. The photograph of the trees at dawn is an award-winning photo!

  2. I saw a flash of blue yesterday on the way to Omaha.. either a bluebird or indigo bunting... you saw and identified so many different ducks... you are better at that than I am... Fun week for you two...I love that bird blind. I would like to make one if I ever had the space. :)

  3. The lesser scaup looks a little scrawny, doesn't it? The others are so colorful. Sounds like a great day for you and the birds.

  4. Fun and relaxing spring break. Nice links, fun to check out the ducks. I used to think the mallard was cool, not anymore. :)