26 February 2014

Twitter Shareout

The power and intrigue of twitter was unveiled to me when I attended my first ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) a few years back.  I was floored by the amount and quality of resources and answers as well as the 'community' living in the twitter-verse.  It is truly the best professional developments I have taken part in.  I credit it with helping raise the level of my work as a tech trainer. And the list of who I followed was probably 90% edtech folks.
Lately though, I've thought that I should be diversify myself a bit.  I have relaxed my stance of keeping my twitter 'for work only' and tried out some other areas.  Some of these accounts need to be vetted and determined if they are really worth following, but some of them are quite good.
Soccer - @waatpies @Zonal_Marking @ESPNFC @OptaJoe
Photography - @ReutersPictures @NPPA @Life @LightStalking @JoeMcNallyPhoto
Spanish - @CNNEE (CNN en Espanol) @Aristotelese @MUYinteresante
Faith - @AndreasWidmer @NewsVAen @JamesMartinSJ @CardinalDolan
Birding/Nature - @PolkCCB @IowaDNR @DesMoinesParks @CornellBirds @AudobonSociety
Design - @skillshare @typographica @FontsInUse @jessicahische
Misc- @CoryBooker @csoghoian @UN @USAID @NickKristof - Cory Booker has incredible twitter fluency.  It was more impressive when he was Newark mayor, but still is admirable.
Food - @Rick_Bayless @GDeLaurentiis - This is an area that I've struggled to find value in via twitter (maybe Instagram would be better).  I unfollowed Jamie Oliver and Tyler Florence and these two are hanging by a thread.

So I decided to reach out to the family and see what other people were getting good value out of on their twitter feeds.  Here's what I got back.  Thanks for taking the time to share everyone!

@darth | Funny photoshopper
@astroRM | Space, great photos from ISS
@THE_47th | News - Syria. He is Syrian and can be harsh/unthoughtful at times... rough language
@juliaioffe | News - Sochi was great, she is Russian-American good insights into Russian behavior/society
@HayesBrown | News, fun - DC reporter/blogger prolific tweeter
@CarlBildt | Politics - feed is more open and candid than you'd expect from world leader
@Yael_Averbuch | Soccer - great footwork

@JamesMartinSJ | Jesuit, author, editor of America magazine

@AmExperiencePBS | American Experience history series
@TodaysDocument | Historical documents from US National Archives
@HistoryExtra | BBC History Magazine
@WDLorg | World Digital Library
@Smithsonian | Smithsonian - for science and history
@NPR | NPR - for news
@Pontifex | Pope Francis - for hope

 @ListenLikeaLwyr | A blog exploring effective listening practices for lawyers, law students, and other legal professionalsIn addition to pointing to her blog, she posts to other useful sources. And you may say, “But I’m not a x#$%! lawyer, why should I care about this?”. Because listening—really listening—to others isn’t just a shortcoming among lawyers (great as that may be). If you think that listening is a worthwhile skill (and you should), then you can benefit.
@PresentationZen | Garr Reynolds. Author of Presentation Zen. Based in Japan. Help people tell their unique stories through medium of the 21st-century short-form presentation.  Reynolds usually only points, but what he points to—especially Presentation Zen—is almost invariably worthwhile. His books are also terrific.
@DalrympleWill | Writer, historian and Mehrauli goatherd. Co-founder and continuing co-director of The Jaipur Literature Festival and award-winning (i.e., big award-winning) author of travel books and histories. His tweets concern India (where he now resides), good writing, #JLF, and so on. Also some good photos. Keeps me abreast locally, so to speak.
@ianbremmer | Political scientist, author, prof at nyu, ostensible intellectual entrepreneur, president of @eurasiagroup His tweets are often the most interesting. Sometimes pithy (and often snarky) comments on current events, and frequent snapshots of really interesting, informative statistics (yes, you read that correctly). Perhaps the most consistently informative tweeter among my selections.
@brainpicker | Interestingness hunter-gatherer obsessed with combinatorial creativity. Editor of @brainpickings & @explorer. Bylines for @WiredUK & @TheAtlantic. MIT Fellow.
Her blog is a gem for matters creative, especially design and writing, as well as insight brief essays or quotes, and her tweets often provide a foretaste of her longer work. Tweets and posts mesh well.

Steve had two comments that I totally agree with.  First, "I must preface my choices by saying that I use Twitter primarily as a source for finding more extended sources, usually blogs."  That is how I started out finding people to follow.  I had a good list of twenty or so edtech blogs that I read and so I just started following those people on twitter and then later branched out from there. His second comment was in regards to my request, "It really makes me think, and a few tweeters might get axed in the process, but such is good gardening for the mind."  There were more than a few people who got unfollowed as I was looking over my lists.  Too often of tweets and not enough substance was a possible infraction, as was "I don't think I recall seeing/remembering any tweets from this person.'
Thanks for all the input everyone!  If you have any good twitter tips, leave them in the comments!

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  1. agree 100% on food section. good chef <> good tweeter.