21 January 2014

"How Y'all, Youse, and You Guys Talk"

I saw somewhere today that this quiz and accompanying map were the most read thing on NY Times last year.  I didn't verify that claim, but I did go and answer the 25 questions.  Each question shows you how your answer stacks up on the map. 
The most distinctive question in my case was the "What do you call the night before Halloween?"  That map was very interesting.  I think Des Moines must be the only city in the country that calls it Beggars Night (which I think it very dumb).


  1. cool interactive here. funny that is Omaha's most distinctive too -- we call it "the night Des Moines' calls Beggars Night".. although usage has fallen off a bit lately.

  2. Good one stoppable. :). Not sure why Des Moines does that. Kids also have to tell a joke before they get a treat. Weird.