17 January 2014

Deer Attack (#1760)

Deer Attack (#1760) by regan76
Deer Attack (#1760), a photo by regan76 on Flickr.

This is just a little follow up to my post when I created these DIY tree branch suet feeders. First off I will say that the woodpeckers (both Downy and Red-bellied) LOVE this thing. The same food is in the commercial suet feeder right next to it and they ALWAYS choose this feeder.
Which made me a little upset when I saw what the deer had done to it recently. Evidently someone was hungry. From inside the house it just looked like they had eaten off a strip of bark. Upon further review, they really went after it, getting into the wood even!


  1. They eat out of the feeders, bird bath.. what next? They will be knocking on the door to come in and get warm.!

  2. Looks like the deer love it as much as the woodpeckers.