08 January 2014

5 Songs for 2013

Woo hoo, the list is done!  I had great response from people this year and we have quite a list.  I had a wonderful time listening to everyone's songs and they come from a wide spectrum of genres.  I've already had to do some iTunes shopping and I think there is still more to come.  Thanks to all for taking part, sharing your musical tastes and hopefully you all can listening to the playlist and find a few new things you like as well.  I think it is worth noting that one of my 5 songs this year was actually one I learned of from someone else's 5 songs last year!
I was going to make a Spotify playlist this year but just ran out of time.  So, we will have to make due with the YouTube playlist unless someone else wants to put it together in Spotify.  The pdf is at this link and the YouTube playlist is here.  
I know the links to past years lists were broken on my original email so if you want to compare to past years, here they are: 2012 pdf, playlist, 2011 pdf, playlist, 2010 pdf


  1. I REALLY want to hear Blurred Lines by Alan Thicke! Ha! -Molly

  2. Great Fun!! Thanks for all the work.. Fun listening evenings await me. :)

  3. Thanks for posting. Always fun & some new tunes for me.

  4. Molly!!!! I love that you caught that.

  5. Such a great idea. Love listening to everyone's picks. Lots of great music