01 January 2014

2013 Backyard Bird List

 43 species on my yard list for 2013 at the new house.  I was hoping I would make it to 50, but I've only had one new species since July.  :(  Still, it is a pretty fabulous list.  I had not idea I would be able to see so many birds from my window, at my feeder, in the trees, etc. 

Starting a new list for 2014 and already have three species on it. 

You can also see my wildlife list on there as well.  While the bat was probably the most exciting one, it is not one we hope to have on next year's list. 


  1. Fabulous List.. so lucky to have the owl on there. I am starting my list today.. scarce as it may be. Great idea.

  2. So much wildlife in our very own yard. Deer, cardinal, hummingbird and fox are my favorites.. Still trying to forget the bat episode. :)