19 January 2014

1981 Lego Ad

Obviously minovia has heard me harp about my dislike for the over-pinkifying of girl marketing in our soceity.  She sent me the link to this image this morning.  A LEGO ad from 1981. 
No pink, no rainbows, magic dust, sparkles, no mention of 'boy' or 'girl'.  I know I may seem fixated on the gender role issue in marketing but I do not like what that is telling our girls and boys.

"LEGO Universal Building Sets will help your children discover something very, very special: themselves."

Yes, let them discover themselves.  Don't try and show them that they must fit a certain image, like a certain color, play a certain way.

She saw the image in this Huffington Post article


  1. We need this more of this type of ad.. and I like her creation actually looks like she did it.. not some adult. Ha. Good job S!!

  2. Love the old school ad. What have they done to Rainbow Bright, Holly Hobbie, Strawberry shortcake and Lisa Frank!?!? Scary. Lucky for us- Isa prefers to play with dogs, stuffed animals, play mobil figures, rocks, sticks, leaves.......