10 December 2013

Last Blast Mixtape

In these final days of 2013, I thought I'd pass on a few tracks that I've been enjoying lately.  I know there will be an onslaught of new music as I start to receive everyone's 5 Songs for 2013, so I thought I'd better pass these on now because I'm gonna be busy listening to new things for a while.
So here's the tracklist...
1. Express Yourself _ Labrinth
2. Mean Streets _ Tennis
3. Ribs _ Lorde
4. Hoes _ Kid Sister
5. Roar _ Katy Perry
6. Timber _ Pitbull & Ke$ha
7. Play It Again _ Becky G
8. Aqui Voy a Seguir _ Ceci Bastida
9. Promise Me _ Hood Internet remix of Misun
10.You Know You Like Gas _ Hood Internet (Sage the Gemini)
11.212-PARADISE _ Hood Internet (Azealia Banks x YACHT)
12.Come Walk With Me _ M.I.A.
13.Hold On, We're Going Home _ Drake
14.Dear Marie _ John Mayer
15.Somewhere Only We Know _ Lily Allen

[sidenote: the cover art features the klipspringer from the Henry Doorly Zoo and the Canter typeface]


  1. I love that you used a photo from the zoo for the cover shot. Cool

  2. Lots of good songs... very cool cover art.....you were so impressed by the klipspingers.