29 December 2013

"Why the Church Needs Business"

Great article from Fr. James Martin on "Why the Church Needs Business."
Surround yourself with excellent peers and know when to rely on them.
Only thing that jumped out to me was that he cited of examples of priests, brothers and sisters who need basic finance knowledge, and the news is about the Vatican bringing in consultants.  Let's hope the Church can find some means of getting them the help that is needed, on all levels.

Field Notes: Crop Edition

Great video on the heritage of feed & seed memo books.
Field Notes, for me, is about as great as it gets when it comes to design, details, function, all of it.
Great tip on the video, mom!

Field Notes Brand: From Seed from Coudal Partners on Vimeo.

18 December 2013

May be a long day...

Guest blog:  I copy and pasted this from an email I received a week ago from minovia.

Morning message today: "We are going to make bird feeders."
me: What is a bird feeder?
students: Awkward silence.............. no one had a guess.
me: A bird feeder is a container that has food on it for birds.  We're going to use a pinecone, peanut butter and seeds to make our bird feeders.  What is a pinecone?
students: Awkward silence.................
me: Where does a pinecone come from?
students: Awkward silence................
me: (showing them a pinecone)- It comes from a......... (No one finishes my sentence.)
me: It comes from a pinetree.
me: What do birds eat?
student: WORMS!
It might be a long day.  :)

10 December 2013

Last Blast Mixtape

In these final days of 2013, I thought I'd pass on a few tracks that I've been enjoying lately.  I know there will be an onslaught of new music as I start to receive everyone's 5 Songs for 2013, so I thought I'd better pass these on now because I'm gonna be busy listening to new things for a while.
So here's the tracklist...
1. Express Yourself _ Labrinth
2. Mean Streets _ Tennis
3. Ribs _ Lorde
4. Hoes _ Kid Sister
5. Roar _ Katy Perry
6. Timber _ Pitbull & Ke$ha
7. Play It Again _ Becky G
8. Aqui Voy a Seguir _ Ceci Bastida
9. Promise Me _ Hood Internet remix of Misun
10.You Know You Like Gas _ Hood Internet (Sage the Gemini)
11.212-PARADISE _ Hood Internet (Azealia Banks x YACHT)
12.Come Walk With Me _ M.I.A.
13.Hold On, We're Going Home _ Drake
14.Dear Marie _ John Mayer
15.Somewhere Only We Know _ Lily Allen

[sidenote: the cover art features the klipspringer from the Henry Doorly Zoo and the Canter typeface]

06 December 2013

World Cup Draw

Just finished watching the last half of the World Cup draw for the games next summer in Brazil.  There are so many great teams, not really any powerhouse countries that failed to qualify this time.  So there are several "Groups of Death" and not really any 'easy' groups.  You could say that Group C, E, and H might be a little more open than others but there is still quality aplenty. The USA has a tough road.  Germany will be one of the favorites to win it all, (#2 in the world).  Ghana has beaten the US in their previous two meetings, knocking them out of the 2010 World Cup.  And Portugal has Christiano Ronaldo. 
Can't wait to read the experts analysis of the groups and the matchups.  I'm ready for it to start now!
ESPNfc coverage.
FIFA coverage.  And rankings.

02 December 2013

Skillshare & Jessica Hische

essica Hische is a world-class letterer.  You have seen her work on Dave Eggers' newest book cover, or on postal stamps, or Bertolli's ads, the Moonrise Kingdom poster, on Barnes & Nobles classic books, and on Penguins Classics. Her husband works for facebook and they created a ridiculously cool wedding website.
Skillshare is a new service that offers class where people can learn things that they want to know.  I saw her name (via twitter) and saw that she was going to be giving a Skillshare class on lettering.  Now, I will be the first to say that I am a poor artist.  And my sketching/drawing skills are not good.  But for $19, I could not pass up signing up.  It was a web-based class, really a series of 12 videos where she explains her work methods, tips and tricks, advice, motivation, thoughts and issued an assignment.  And then there is a community of the ~550 students who had signed up for the class.  As you build your project and upload documentation and explanation of your progress, people offer you feedback and critique.  I would say 90% of the students either were in art/design school or working in design.  So to say I was out of my league is an understatement.  But I was upfront with my skill level and people were supportive.  I got lots of good feedback and even a couple of "likes."
The project was to create a dropcap letter for a book.  (Jessica is known for her dropcap alphabet project and she is now doing dropcaps for Penguin book covers).  I chose The Old Man and the Sea and the letter H for Hemingway.  It was done using Illustrator which I am not great in but I LOVED having a project and instructions and a timeline.  I read.  I sketched.  I worked.  I learned.  I got frustrated.  I got eager for feedback.  I refined. I realized my limitations.  I got more than my $19 worth.  It feels great to be creative, even if the finished project isn't as great as you had hoped for.  I'm already looking for my next class to sign up for!