19 November 2013

The Coach Who Never Punts | Middle School Secret Play

Two football stories to share today:

I saw this headline and of course thought of stoppable.  He is always a fan of going for it on 4th down.  This coach, though, firmly believes in never punting.  Oh, and even better...he onside kicks EVERY kickoff.
Check it out.

And this one has been floating around social media the last week or two.  I finally took the three minutes to watch it and I'm glad I did.  The honesty of the receiver at the very end is impressive for a middle schooler.  Good stuff.


  1. I saw the second one a couple of times... I liked it so much... such great kids and so young for such a plan.. Cool The kids in the first video look big for high school. the Pulaski ones anyway.

  2. thanks for sharing those….i always like it when teams go for it on the 4th down….smart coaching.

    Sweet kiddos in 2nd video. love those feel good stories.