04 November 2013

New Furntiure, New Look (#1594)

A few changes in our front room...the parlor....sitting room...well, we haven't figured out a good name for the room yet.
On a trip home a week ago, I cozied up with a large steel trellis that needed to get down to homebase's house. Little did I know, there was a round red table that wanted to come back to Des Moines with me! I've always loved this table and homebase wanted to try her front her without it so I volunteered to give it a good home.
minovia had been on the lookout for a good couch for the room for a while and when she spotted this Ethan Allen one on craigslist yesterday, she was ready to pounce.
It totally makes it look more spacious in the room, and warmer too. And look at all that wall space! Just waiting for some cool black & white enlargements!


  1. Love that couch, what a find to get it via Craig's List. That is definitely one of the best tech advances ever! The room looks very large and airy now. Good luck on the wall space; so many possibilities!

  2. Sylvia always picks quality and always seems to find a good deal to boot. Job well done. Can't wait to see the photos.