08 October 2013

The Return of Yard Fest!

I'm not sure when the first Yard Fest took place.  I was able to find a CD from the 2001 Yard Fest
weekend, but all I know is stoppable, for several years after purchasing his house would have a weekend where we all would visit him and help complete all sorts of home improvement projects.  It's been quite a while since we've had one though.  Now that I am a homeowner myself, I thought, "what a perfect tradition to re-introduce!"  And so we did.  I put together a good sized list of items I wanted to get down around the place.  Most of them were outdoors work: removing hosta plants, planting grass seed, sweeping & bagging acorns, trimming back bushes, etc.  stoppable made the drive over, bringing NTW and the brig with him.  homebase was first to arrive, with soup, homemade brioche and cookies in hand, and caboose, although last to arrive (per his namesake), hit the ground running.  minovia & isa both had a great time as well.
I had discussed with minovia ahead of time, saying that we should lots of before/after pictures and fun photos from the day, which I promptly forgot about as soon as everyone arrived.  Luckily, she is smart and took pictures for me.  And homebase took some great ones as well.  We were able to incorporate some fun activities into the work, including some boulder lifting, a mystery broiler drawer that refused to be figured out, a Hawkeyes loss to watch and Ping-Pong to be played. 
"Many hands makes light work" couldn't be more true.  The amount of work we got done would've taken me days to do and parts of it I simply could not have done by myself (i.e. putting the Iron Giant in the basement).
Many thanks to all and I am putting together a 2013 mixtape for Yard Fest so keep an eye on your mailboxes!


  1. 1. great day :D
    2. I think that '01 may be the first as we bought the house in '98
    3. table-top soccer!
    4. b's movie recap: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWWUEndzmEY

  2. All those years with a yard and I NEVER figured out how to exploit, I mean engage my family in the work. Not sure the soup and great bread would have been enough to get my crowd going, though! I'm always happy to hear hosts have been pulled, especially the boring ones. Acorns: you're pretty ambitious; mine just keep falling and so I figure what's the use? Getting ahead of them is quite preferred, so excellent work. Boulder moving? My back hurts just thinking about it. I had my day when I did that, too, though. There are a few boulders in my yard perhaps you'd like?????

  3. Such a fun and productive day. B's video is great. Loved it!