30 October 2013

Strangers Posing

I saw that a cousin of mine had liked this article on facebook so I checked it out.  A photographer, Richard Renaldi, in NYC takes complete strangers and pairs them up and poses them in a manner that transmits a relationship of some sort. 
The pictures (most of them) are interesting as is the feedback from people once they are finished with the ten minute shoot.


  1. i was very intrigued by this too. great concept that seems to be just touching (no pun intended) the tip of this issue. I like how it forces us to look at our perceptions of who is/could be part of 'our circle', and what those perceptions are based on.... and how LITTLE it takes to allow us to drastically rearrange those perceptions. the difference between meeting someone in a business encouter - handshake, retail purchase at register, etc and then 5 minutes of holding someone's hand... ... best line of the video "humanity as it could be"

    more photo examples at

    more on humanity as it could be

  2. I was going to blog about that pope & the boy story. great stuff.

    The humanity situation reminded me a little of something that every once in a while crosses my mind. We are so focused on our own lives, lists, responsibilities, needs, etc that when you pause and think that every car you drive by ALSO has someone or multiple someones in it with just as many issues and things going on. Every house you drive by is another entire microcosm.
    I think that sometime when I am driving and it makes me much slower to honk at someone.

    By I love that point you make..."how LITTLE it takes" to start to break the schema of how we feel we are "suppose" to feel around strangers.

  3. That kid and the pope really had me laughing . He was determined then starting bringing people over to meet his friend. :)

  4. Love this....seems like a touching experience for sure. And how great is his camera?