14 October 2013

Raptors at Scheels

In a wonderful alignment of timing, my Des Moines Audobon newsletter came in the mail on Thursday and it had a little snippet about a raptor show that was going to be at Scheels on Saturday and Sunday.  So when I was talking to homebase and thinking about something fun for the weekend, we thought that that show sounded just right.  So, on this past gorgeous Sunday afternoon, after preparing ourselves for the upcoming colder weather by picking up a few cozy treats at Active Endeavors (20% off everything!), we sat in some bleachers in the parking lot and enjoyed a great show, put on through the US Fish and Wildlife.  Falcons, hawks, eagles, owls, vultures, and kestrels.  It was great to be able to compare sizes of all the them in real life instead of pictures in a bird guide.  I nearly got clothes-lined by a barn owl whizzing by my head at one point.  The presenter was from New York and entertaining.  He wrapped it all up with a statement about living the American dream and being thankful every morning that caught us a little off-guard and was very touching. 
It was a great day and a nice end to a fun weekend.  minovia and I had a good night out with sushi and drinks on Friday, then (after watching Texas beat Oklahoma) went up the street to a chili cookoff with some friends on Saturday.  A great fall weekend.


  1. great idea -- and harrowing fly-by delivered a great photo too!
    you were lucky to catch this show -- did he mention how costs paid? maybe State of IA covered?

  2. US fish and wildlife service funded it but the guy was a vet and he did a great job telling kids to keep their dreams, appreciate freedom and thank our servicemen and women. Nikon must have funded it too as they were there to sell their binocs and scopes -and those 2 guys were experts and one had helped write a book about Raptors for kids.

  3. Still can't believe you took that shot. I about hit the floor when it came towards us. Sushi was the best we've had in a while..... Great weekend.

  4. I would never have gotten that shot because I would have been inside someone's jacket by then. YIKES! There is a HUGE fruit bat that flies by our balcony the same time every dusk, and that's enough to make me run for cover.