29 October 2013

Lip Dub Contest: Katy Perry's "Roar"

Somehow I happened to starting watching a couple lip dubs today.  These are lip-sync'ed videos and there are some great ones out there done by different high schools to show school spirit.  I noticed that there were a bunch that used Katy Perry's new hit "Roar", of which I am a big fan.  Then I saw that she had held a contest for high schools and the winner got Katy Perry performing at their school live on Good Morning America.  You can see the live performance and read about the contest here.  And here are the five finalists.  Be sure to check out the winner.  Great stuff. 
5th Finalist - Pickerington Central - OH
4th Finalist - Abeline Cooper - TX
3rd Finalist - Spanish Springs - NV
2nd Finalist - Verrado - AZ
Winner - Lakewood - CO  - This one is fantastic.

1 comment:

  1. I loved watching these.. the kids sure did a good job on all... That lakewood school must be huge... Made me happy to see everyone excited about being yourself and staying strong. Good job Teenagers. :)