11 October 2013

Creighton's New Look

With their new move to a new Big East, Creighton unveiled a new logo and wordmark this week, as well as a new court design. 
While it may take a little warming up to the wordmark, I will say that I love the bluejay head.  It is intense and focused without going down that often too-traveled road in mascot redesign of making them overly angry and rabid-looking.  Well done.  The 'C' doesn't really get me excited like the way the old, Chicago-Bear-ish one did.  I hope they keep the old 'C' around, I liked it a lot.
[thanks to homebase for the tip]

1 comment:

  1. I think some shopping for new Jay wear is in order. :) I like the look. I found the new C hard to "see" if you didn't know it was Creighton-- G? C? Ha Ha... overall a good new look.