21 October 2013

Center Grove Orchard

It seems everyone with a small child in the metro area raves about Center Grove Orchard.  So much so that I started to not really want to go.  I was afraid of 'drinking the Kool-Aid' and getting hooked, especially once minovia told me it was $10 a head to get in!  "Just for admission to the orchard?!" was my response.  But, of course, I did give in and she was sharp and snagged us all some $4 off coupons from work and we headed up on Sunday.  The weather, which had been flirting with gray & rain all morning, held off and then turned sunny and wonderful for us. 
Now, to market themselves as an orchard is something of a misnomer.  They are really closer to a huge play area or activity center with a pumpkin patch and apple orchard alongside it.  They have built up their grounds so that there really is a lot of things for kids to see, do and interact with.  We all had a good time, checking out the animals, feeding goats, watching a turkey fight, roping sawhorse cows, playing in the one-room schoolhouse, wandering through nursery rhyme village, flying down the huge slide, watching the pig races, swimming in the corn pool (not me, thanks.  too many lectures of not playing in corn growing up), trying out hand water pump duck races, milking a fake cow, riding a shuttle to our parking lot past all the orchards, doing ring-toss with a hula hoop aiming for pumpkins, guessing pumpkins weights, and on and on.  And, of course, we finished it all off with a caramel apple for the ride home.  It was delicious.
[I was going to add a photo but flickr is being hiccupy.  Just head over there and check out my pix.]


  1. Sylvia is the best coupon finder--10.00 seems hefty -- What a fun time though.. Isa looked like she loved it. :) Nice way to spend a fall day.

  2. The yellow slide and the nursery rhyme village were my favorites. Fun afternoon.

  3. Apple orchards are pretty sacred ground for me, so I'm a bit skeptical of all the extra stuff, but if there are caramel apples involved, I'll be there.