06 September 2013

Funny & Terrifying News

Separate news items.
I saw this article about a 727 pound alligator being caught during hunting season in Mississippi (yet another reason to stay away) and shared it via email, but then when I went back to search the web for it so I could blog it, I came across an article about a golfer on vacation in Cancun getting attacked while chipping out of a bunker.  He lost some fingers but his golf partner/friend saved him by smashing the gator with a rock.  Impressive!  And another article about a vacationer in Australia, kayaking around until a crocodile held him hostage on an island for two weeks.  And lastly, a story of an IT guy, celebrating someone's 30th in the Australian Outback, decides to swim across the Mary River (one of the highest concentrations of crocodiles in the world) after some drinks.  Doesn't make it.
After all that, how about something funny.  Well, you can't beat the Canadian Prime Minister hilariously mistaking 'twerking' for 'tweeting' during a press conference.  And not just one little slip...nope, he sticks with it.  Best line, as caboose pointed out, "would like to twerk with every Canadian but that of course is impossible."  Although I also like, "a quick twerk is a great way to express what I’m thinking."   

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