21 August 2013

Project: garden shed

When we were checking out the new Fleet Farm in Ankeny, one thing that caught my eye (along with an axe, a gray Carhartt hoodie and some birdseed) was a plastic tool shed.  I'd been looking at DIY plans online and found a couple that I thought might work.  This one cost about that same as I would've spent on supplies to make one myself, it was simple to put together, and it was plastic.  Sadly, it was also out of stock.  And they had no idea when they were getting more in.  Nor did those facts change in the multiple phone calls we made to then in the following days. 
Not one to sit around, I looked around online to see who else was selling that same brand and model.  Lo and behold, Home Depot sells it online.  I had to go through a couple people to get it all squared
away, but they shipped it for free to their West Des Moines store and I went out and picked it up. 
And by picked it up, I mean I had four of their workers put it on top my Jeep and I strapped it down for the short ride home. 
We have the perfect hidden corner for it so I just had to rake away all the mulch (during which I found that they already had cement pavers down covering half the area), lay down some more pavers (purchase at the Habitat ReStore for $9), level it all and then
assemble the thing.  I am thrilled with the size.  It won't block the window view.  And there is room in there for the mower, the snowblower (thanks Greenleafs!), the edger, the wagon (a great Orscheln purchase to replace the wheel barrow that I hate) and all the gas and birdseed!
Plus the leftover box makes a great play "dog house" for Isa!

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  1. i had to go back and admire it again today. it looks so nice back there. great find.