11 August 2013

Lemonade Stand, Outdoor Movie Party and a Tree Cutting.

Lots of fun to finish up last week!
On Thursday evening, Isa ran a lemonade stand for the first time.  And, while I was skeptical of business on a Thursday evening, she did fantastic.  I will say that she diversified her product line with some top quality, home grown produce (two varieties of heirloom tomatoes, poblano & hot peppers and cherry tomatoes) and I think that appealed to some prospective buyers.  Mainly, though, the credit has to go to her soft skills.  She waved and smiled at every car that passed, engaged every walker in conversation and ended up reaping the benefits.  Her clientele was really spread across the age spectrum and by the end of it I think she had caught the entrepreneur bug.  She kept asking to be able to stay out a little longer and earn a couple more dollars. 
Friday we had a good crowd on the patio for some food (grilled chicken sandwiches & hot dogs), fun and a showing of Brave, as chosen by popular vote.  Popcorn and smores over the chiminea during the movie were a big hit and the weather couldn't have been any better.  I didn't get to see much of the movie because one of my good friends brought his chainsaw over and just after dusk we cut down a big arborvitae evergreen on the front corner of my house.
And that provided my fun for Saturday.  I was in the yard by 8 and taking all the branches off, stacking them up, bundling them and then finally getting out the chainsaw and cutting up the trunk.  I came across a bird's nest on the ground so I set it aside and later, we went and found a new spot for it in the bush adjacent to its old home.  Hopefully its previous tenant won't mind the slight relocation.
After all that, I needed someplace to stack up the wood and stuff from fallen large branches that we will be able to burn in our fireplace this winter.  So, using a couple tips from my friend, I fashioned a wood stack, using entirely stuff I had around the place.  Twelve bricks, two 2"x4", and two steel fence posts.  I was happy with the finished product.
...Now how to get rid of five large bundles of evergreen branches?
Oh, and here's the best "before and after" I could do for the tree removal.  I forgot to take a "before" so I had to use this one from the assessor's page.  Sorry they aren't from the same angle.  It makes such a big difference in the look of the house from the road, as well as the amount of light coming in the master bedroom window there.  And it really opens up the walking path.


  1. Great job on the tree removal. I say stuff those branches in the leaf bags.. aren't those basically leaves? Ha ha. I love Isa's work skills. I would have bought some of those tomatoes. :) A neighborhood get together on a perfect summer night. Doesn't get any better. Great week.

  2. Reread the posting today and realized the first time I understood the movie to be "Braveheart"... whoops!

  3. That is hilarious because I did the same thing when he told me over the phone.. I thought... wow. that is a rough movie . for kids... ha.