01 July 2013

Summer Mixtape '13

How is it possible that I haven't put out a mixtape in a YEAR?!!?   Yikes.
Well then, without further ado, here's the mix that has been sitting in my iTunes for several months waiting to get finalized and shared.  I actually downloaded two of the songs just today and added them to the mix.  There are a few beats just perfect summer on there so holla if you want a CD from me to you, with love.

Track List:
1. Forest Whitaker ~ Bad Books
2. Royals ~ Lorde
3. Sweater Weather ~ The Neighbourhood
4. Body So Tight ~ Reflex ft Childish Gambino
5. Dance Apocalyptic ~ Janelle Monae
6. Step ~ Vampire Weekend
7. Unbelievers ~ Vampire Weekend
8. Treat Me Right ~ Keys and Krates
9. Wild for the Night ~ A$AP Rocky ft Skrillex
10.Itching on a Photograph ~ Grouplove
11.Dirty Diana ~ The Weeknd mix of MJ
12.Technologic ~ Daft Punk
13.Bring the Noize ~ M.I.A.
14.The Baddest Man Alive ~ The Black Keys ft RZA
15.Virgin ~ Manchester Orchestra


  1. Quiero uno también, por favor. Me gustan mucho los números 6,7 y 8. Y, obviamente, el número 2.