26 July 2013

Henry Doorly Zoo

It's been years since I'd been to the HDZ, and I was excited to get back and check out the changes.  We got there just after its 9AM opening and didn't leave until 4:45.  When you consider that, the admission fee of $15 for adults, $10 for children is actually a pretty good value! 
For me, the biggest takeaway was that nature is amazing.  There were so many cool adaptations and abilities by different animals, insects, birds and reptiles that I couldn't believe it.  And that things are often larger than they appear on TV or in my mind (namely, lions, giraffes and rhinos). 
We all had a great day and I've always loved taking a nice sit down break in the afternoon while enjoying the train ride.  So great to be able to share that with two first-timers!
My only advice/thing to remember for next time...bring a cooler and pack a picnic lunch.  The food inside was of mediocre quality, poor nutritional value and highly expensive.  
You can check out some pix of the day here.

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  1. I am so glad you all got there this summer. It was always a fun place for us (usually with Connie and Steve) and the grandkids too. Good idea about the food. I love a picnic lunch. :) Great pictures.