15 July 2013

Father-Son Goal Combo

Don't pay attention to the fact that this happened in a testimonial game (a tribute match at the end of a marquee players' long stay with one club, they are usually low-stress, fun, free-flowing affairs).
Instead focus on the heart-warming joy of Ariel Ortega, 39, playing in to his son Tomas, 12 who slot home a goal in front of 65,000 fans.  Papa unleashes the waterworks. :)
Watch the video here.

And I'm going to double your soccer clip pleasure this morning...
I don't feel so bad for eating grass during a little 4th of July kickabout now, after watching Manchester United's Danny Welbeck demonstrate how not to put a move on someone in the corner in this preseason match.  Keep it simple!

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  1. Love the first video.. so moving.. yeah for Tomasito !!