29 July 2013

Choc Chip Cookie Analyzed

I have had some serious trouble with chocolate chip cookies recently, so much so, that I find myself looking for other cookies to make because I have become quite lacking in confidence that the end product will be enjoyable. 
I saw this page ("The Ultimate Guide to Chocolate Chip Cookies") linked on facebook and checked it out.  I loved being able to see the effects of each different recipe tweak.  I like the look of the 'more flour' specimen.  I like a taller, cakey cookie, yet I always seem to have a lot of spread on my cookies.  I've paid attention to my butter temperature, chilled my dough, used parchment and bought new leveners.  Hopefully this article will aid me as I seek out a better cookie. 
Tips are always appreciated.

1 comment:

  1. I have had the same experience lately. I have alternated between 3 recipes. Betty Crocker, my friend Ashley's, and Toll House. Here are my findings... not completely happy with outcome yet though
    1. use 1/3 c butter 1/3 c crisco. Crisco is a must otherwise melty greasy cookies.
    2. chilled dough, and not all the chips in the recipe, like 3/4ths.. too many chips are not good.
    3.Ashley's uses all crisco I like it a lot but last time it didn't turn out the best
    4. a gas oven is best , just sayin' :)
    5. parchment paper too.

    Let's formulate the best recipe this fall and try several we like.. and have Isa sell them out front. :)