29 June 2013

The Last Burrito

After 15 years, my favorite eatery in Des Moines closed on Friday.  Pablo's on the skywalk was such a wonderful place.  Great flavors, hot food, good prices, and most importantly, a fantastic owner there to take your order each day with a smile, a joke, a laugh. 
When I took a new position as a Process Analyst in Staff Underwriting, I switched locations and began working downtown, connected to the skywalk.  On my first day on the job, my boss took a couple of us out to lunch and he introduced me to Pablo's.  That was 13 years ago.  I've been going there every since.
I searched my blog for "pablo's" and it was so nice to re-read all the times that I've mentioned that great place.  I've gone through times where I would go with a book or a sudoku and enjoy some time away from work, I've taken burritos to go to bring back to work after noon mass at St. Ambrose during Lent, I taken (or tried to) everyone I know to this great spot.  And I was still exploring the menu and 'off-menu' items. (Mole quesadillas were a gem).  I learned of Valentina sauce here and also the wonderful family of El Yucateco hot sauces.  Since it is a cash-only spot, I can't run a report in my budgeting software to see how much I've spent there over the years....and since it is 13 years, that may actually be a good thing.  I'm probably better off not seeing that number.  Whatever the amount, it was money well-spent.
When caboose forwarded the email news of Dave, the owner's impending retirement, we were both crushed.  When I got back from San Antonio, there was no question that we would eat lunch there on Thursday and Friday.  The line was huge both days and he was happy to see us.  I will miss the food for sure, but just as much I'll miss a great lunch getaway spot and a kind, funny businessowner to support.


  1. nothing like a steady hungry customer.. and a kind happy business owner to match up and make a great combo.. Great post. I have been there!!

  2. What a bummer. Such a nice guy and such yummy food. Sad.