29 June 2013

Shower Faucet is a Snap!

Our master bathroom has a shower with a one-knob faucet that you pull straight at you to turn on the water.  It was hard to pull and hard to push back in.  minovia, although small, must be pretty strong because one day she pulled the handle right off.  I thought maybe it had just popped off or something but further inspection showed a broken plastic bit.  Since I know zilch about plumbing, the shower went unused for a few weeks until I had a contractor in to work on a couple windows and I could pick his brain a bit.  (Jeff Carmichel of Window Solutions...great guy).  He directed me to David down at
American Plumbing Supply in the East Village.  The store has been there since the '30s and without too much renovation by the look of the place.  It would be a fantastic place to wander and poke around.
I took my broken piece, he glanced at it, walked off and came back a few minutes later with a small piece of black plastic and a new knob.  He told me what I needed to do (and made it sound deceivingly simple).  Fifty bucks and I was on my way.
Incredibly, when I sat down to the work, the project was just as easy and went just as smoothly as he said it would!  I spent more time
figuring out where to shut off the water than I spent replacing the part.  I needed two tools for the whole thing.  Plumber's wrench to take off the nut and the bonnet nut.  Pulled out the broken cartridge.  Pushed in the new cartridge.  Return the two nuts.  Screwdriver to attach the new handle.  Presto!  $50 job.  Loved it.  So happy to have a quick success!


  1. The first of many do it yourself projects you will be doing.. E is very good at those. you will have to call him for support. Good Job

  2. well, obviously i spoke too soon.
    took my first shower in it this morning and when i pushed the knob in all the way there was still a trickle of water coming out. :/
    back to the drawing board.