21 June 2013

Seattle Reign (and the rest of the WSL Logos)

stoppable mentioned how cool the new brand image of the Seattle Reign was and how he liked the wordplay of 'reign' and 'rain' for Seattle.  I made a mental note to check it out and then quickly forgot about it.  That is until it can up on a blog I read.  Wow.  Seriously, wow.  I LOVE this logo, the branding, all of it.  SO fantastic.  It looks like a professional level team.  I do not mean to be sexist but many women's pro teams do not have a professional or classic look to their uniforms and logos.  For instance, check out the rest of the teams in the WSL. 
I'm sorry but if you are a fan of the Boston Breakers, FC Kansas City, or Sky Blue FC (which, seriously, what kind of name is that?), you can not be too thrilled to go buy a jersey or other merchandise. (Actually, I'm writing that without ever seeing their jerseys.  Maybe they are awesome and just the logo itself is awful.  If so, I apologize.)  Portland and Seattle are in a whole other level with their logo, their wordmarks, all of it.  Tip of a hat to them.

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  1. It is fabulous.. and they should play in front of a castle with a great pitch!