06 June 2013

Kiva #4

I've had great success with my Kiva micro-loans so far.  All have been paid off in full and on time.  Last night I made my fourth loan, this time the funds will be heading to Rawalpindi (just outside of the capital, Islamabad), Pakistan.  There Bakhraid will use them to help her husband's welding business. The money will be used for welding & soldering rods as well as iron sheets and the loan is administered through BRAC.  Avg annual income there is ~$3000, so a loan of $200 is a good chunk of cash. 
Previous loans have gone to Ney, Raul, (both in Peru) and Charlevoix in Samoa.

1 comment:

  1. great job son! I know that loan will help the business and that family. I like hearing about this type of loan... I may try that myself