10 June 2013

Children's Book Spotlight

A special issue spotlight this time!  I found several books on birds in both the the adult and children's sections that I checked out recently.  Three of the kids books were worth mentioning here.

"The Robin Makes a Laughing Sound" by Sallie Wolf. 
The journal drawings and quick sketches in this book bear such a resemble to the ones in "Keeping a Nature Journal" (a book that homebase & I both have and enjoy) that we both assumed it was the same artist & author.  When I was looking it up to write this post, I discovered it was not!  (The latter book is by Claire Walker Leslie).  Either way, it is a fun read and for some small person who enjoys sketching, nature journaling or just reading about birds and the outdoors, there is plenty to appreciate here.

"Olivia's Birds: Saving the Gulf" by Olivia Bouler.
Some people see something they are interested in and wonder how they can join in, get involved or make a difference.  Others just jump in and start doing something.  This 11 year old (now 16) is 100% in the second category.  After learning about the oil spill in the Gulf, she wrote to Audobon and inquired how she might best be of service.  She does fantastic watercolors of birds and decided to sell them off, raising over $200k in the process.  The pictures really blew me away in this.  Recommended.

"Backyard Birds" by Roger Tory Peterson.
This thin little field guide introduces a couple dozen common birds that people might see in or around their yards. The writing is interesting and offers more info than in his full field guides.  Not necessarily a "kids book", this one was enjoyed equally by isa and myself.  There's even the requisite checklist in the back to mark your progress!

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  1. This was an excellent post. I want to see if the library to get me the first one as it really gives some good ideas about journaling. I like watercolors.. got out my set from iowa city last summer and using it once in awhile. The first 2 books are 1 penny on Amazon. incredible. Great post.