13 June 2013

A little catchup

I was uploading pictures over the weekend and it made me realize how much has been going on and how little I've been blogging!  Here's a speedy recap...
  • On Sunday I had caboose over and we had a little painting party in the backyard.  I had drained the rain barrels, scraped any paper off and wiped them down and gotten some Krylon Fusion paint (designed for use on plastic).  He went right to work and before you knew it, we were done.  The kid is good with a spray can! And I was THRILLED with the finished product.  It definitely is a great improvement from the science project look that we had previously.  They blend nicely with the brick/siding and I like the barrel bands that we accented them with.  I also added strainers (using tulle and a rubber band) over the spouts because there was a lot of sludge/detris in the bottom of the barrels.  There also was some algae on the walls of the barrel but the paint should help with some of that and if not I'll have to look for other options to fix it.
  • homebase and I took a nice drive over to explore the Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge.  It is a place I'd heard about and wanted to check out but I was mistaken and thought it was a bit further away.  It is really only a 20 minute or so drive, not much past Southeast Polk HS actually.  They are conserving and recreating the natural praire grassland environment and they have walking trails as well as a driving route that take you through the buffalo & elk pasture!  It was a windy day and didn't do any exploring by foot but the auto trail was great.  We saw some buffalo and I got a great picture of a deer that watched us roll by.  I also saw a bobolink, a lifer for me!  They have a well stocked gift shop as well.  Lots of great books, field guides, etc.  I brought a fun little puzzle of songbirds home for isa to try out!
  • Work has been hectic with end of the year stuff, then a two-day session on standards-based grading, then some work sessions to update our online education offerings and more pushing trying to get a big teacher tech PD learning platform off the ground.  More to come on that front when it happens.
  • minovia and I took a gorgeous Friday afternoon/evening bike ride from our house, through Ashworth
    Park, Waterworks Park and down to Confluence Brewery, just south of Grays Lake.  (One of the owners is originally from Imogene, back where I grew up!)  We sat on the patio, enjoyed some wings and a flight of samples and then got a half-growler to take home with us.  The perfect size and a cool shaped bottle that you bring back to get refilled.  They have great beers there.  I highly recommend.

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  1. All sounds like fun... I must go to Confluence the next time I am in town.