06 May 2013

US Cellular in the News

Two different news items about my cell service provider in a couple weeks:
First, I get a letter in the mail and the envelope is co-branded with US Cellular and Sprint logos.  Odd, I think, as I opened it.  Turns out that Sprint bought several US Cellular mid-western markets towards the end of 2012 and Chicago was one of them.  My account is still based out of the Chicago US Cellular system.  (which made me wonder if the US Cellular Park where the White Sox play is going to be renamed)  In the letter I was told that my account is being assumed by Sprint and I would be given perks, new phone, etc etc.  Or I could leave and find a different carrier without any penalties for breaking contract early.
Then a couple days ago, I saw the news that US Cellular has decided to offer its customers the iPhone...finally.  They have lost 5% of their customer based since their decision a year and a half ago to not carry it. 
So my decision now is...
  1. Choose to stay with US Cellular by switching my account from the Chicago system to an Iowa location.  Probably have to get a new phone number.  Would have to wait and see when US Cellular stores will actually start stocking and selling the iPhone.  
  2. Let me account switch to Sprint and see what kind of offers they extend to current customers.  minovia is also a Sprint customer.
Either way, my days of staying away from having a data plan may be numbered!

Edit:  Just checked out the coverage maps for both carriers.  Yikes, Sprint's coverage is not impressive once you get out of town or off the interstate.



  1. Wonder what that will mean for me...I would like a better phone but not iphone really. I might go see.. my contract is up in June or July.

  2. That is what everyone says.. They do look tempting

    That white space with no coverage in southwest Iowa is probably me!!!